Our advantage is undeniable modern storage base with a modern logistics system
Our advantage is undeniable modern storage base with a modern logistics system prepared to meet the constantly changing needs of customers. We manage the supply chain by integrating all participants and ensuring smooth flow of information. Our range of services covers the entire logistics process at all levels of planning.

Solutions for storage and distribution are based on the most modern safety management procedures and controls.

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Our warehouses are equipped with:
  • High storage systems
  • Administrative computer storage sites
  • Modern internal transport
  • Clock protection and procedures for monitoring objects
magazyn duzy2The magazines are made following the unloading and receipt of goods at the simultaneous control, the quality and quantity. Our processes are extremely efficient control by automating warehouse operations.

Automating warehouse operations, is to:
  • scan in the process of accepting goods and checking product releases
  • the use of RF technology (radio frequency)
  • ability to identify with the label data according to the standards of the GS1 System

Designed to deliver the goods can be prepared in any form:
  • homogeneous pallets
  • mixed palette
  • packages

In terms of storage and provide additional basic services:

Basic services include:
  • supply chain management
  • Individual logistics solutions
  • warehousing
  • cross-docking
  • distribution and transportation of domestic
  • Advanced solutions

Additional services (VAS) include:
  • laminating and labeling (including non-standard units of sales)
  • repackaging
  • preparing promotional
  • co-packing
  • co-manufacturing
  • analysis of the logistics chain
  • IT integration
  • Customs and Excise Service
  • returns management